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Elusive Jobberknoll Cast List


7th Year:
Dinah Lance; Head Girl; serinusniger
Will Scarlet; Beater (C); will_scarlet
6th year:
Barbara Gordon; twiceahero

5th year:
Renee Montoya; Seeker; interrogoiterum
Raphael Hamato; (NPC)

4th year:
Kate Kane 2serve

3rd year:
Theo ostro_goth
Theo ostro_goth

1st Year:
Tyler Marlocke; tyler_marlocke
Julie Finster fiss84


7th Year:
Adrian (NPC)

6th year:
Niccolo Machiavelli; Quidditch commentator; auraofmystery
Angus Urquhart scots_wolf
Donatello Hamato (NPC)

6th year:
Alec Troven; Quidditch Seeker (C); elementwizard
Trudy Chacon; Beater; spanishnotlatin
Dick Grayson; Beater; greatestofease

5th year:
Michealangelo Hamato; mnt_mike

2nd year:
Aang; 12goingon113

7th year:
Aloysius Crumrin; Head Boy; atypicalwarlock

6th year:
Lorenzo de Medici; prefect; molto_magnifico
Leonardo Hamato; mnt_leo
5th year:
Silas; is_a_ghost;

1st year:
Kirika Yuumura; witchnotninja
Frankie Chacon (NPC)


Arithmancy: Sirona source_fairy (unaffiliated)
Care of Magical Creatures: Trever Delvar reincarnshamen (Gryffindor)
Defense Against the Dark Arts: Stephanie Brown nycterapuella (unaffiliated)
Flying: Kale Delvar reincarnshamen (Gryffindor)
History of Magic Leah Ross aim_blind (Gryffindor)
Muggle Studies: Rhys Owens fortunatestory (Ravenclaw)
Potions: Sokka Aquam scientiaeaquam (Ravenclaw)
Groundskeeper: Iroh leavsfrmthevine


Owner of The Three Broomsticks: Jo Harvelle veneficusvenato
Bookshop: Inara Serra veloxepistola
Teashop: Uji leavsfrmthevine
The drive to Gotham is always a risky one, traffic wise. But even without her Canary Cry, one of Dinah's remaining unsung superpowers is her ability to always find an open lane, whatever vehicle she's driving.

The other is an ability to always find the best restaurant within a five mile radius of any starting point.

She holds off contacting Oracle - holds off, holds off, until she reaches the Bludhaven bypass. Then it's time to check in with her best faceless galpal.

Time to sound the cavalry charge.

The sun is setting over the Hasaraguan rainforest, and Dinah's not going to regret the end of this day. She's been hit around the head, shot at,and is now running through the undergrowth with a British duchess and a knifethrower on her tail. Apparently setting alligators on them can only detract them for so long.

Now she's jumping down from a tree over the edge of the ravene onto a conveniently fallen branch, still worried about the from, but beginning to think about the to.

"I'm opento suggestions, Oracle," she hisses into her silent comm device. "Everywhere I look is jungle. I've got a crazy English babe and knife-obsessed midget on my rear.


"You have to be there. You're my only pal. And it's getting Jurassic out here. Whistle up a superhero. Call in a killer widget. Access desperate rescues dot com. I could use a ha...


daemonmuses Week 2

Write about an awkward moment where someone almost touched (gasp!) your daemon.

Most of them had arrived already- even the Flash,though his promptness on this occasion could be ascribed to the monitor shift leading up to the meeting.

"If you're going to smirk at me the entire meeting, Black Canary, don't you think I should know why?"

Only three people were sitting as yet. Green Arrow was taking his turn to chair, Panya perched on his shoulder in a way which would be imperious if she wasn't half asleep. Batman sat to his left, leaning forward over gloves clasped together and staring steadily over both them and the boots and fishnet-clad legs of the Black Canary, who was leaning precariously back in her own chair, returning his gaze with a knowing smirk.

"Oh, come on, detective. You don't know?"

The others, people and daemons alike, were all standing around in clumps, watching the strange face-off with varying degrees of confusion and amusement.

"If you have something to say, it would be much better for the group dynamic if you said it now."

Lyena, Barry's daemon, slunk up against Rolin, Diana's, while Barry himself shot across the room to stand by Hal. "What's going on?" they both whispered, only to be met with non vocal indicators of ignorance.

"It's nothing serious, Bruce. It's just..." Dinah's smirk spread just that touch further into a grin... "most people stop at just the one sidekick."

Green Lantern turned his face away to hide his own smile.

"The girl is not an authorised operative."

Superman finally teleported in at this point, but he and his daemon stayed near the teleporter, surveying the scene with a puzzled expression.

"But you haven't shut her down. Honestly, Bats, how old is this one?"

"Old enough to make me feel like a dirty old man," Ollie muttered. A pregnant silence followed, in which he looked up to find not just Superman, but the entire League staring at him. Even Bruce and Dinah had abandoned their banter; the latter with an expression halfway between resignation and exasperation.


There he was, the Green Arrow, ready to chair a meeting of the Justice League of America, Panya on his shoulder and a green glove on the table in front of him. Beside that, Tikki was stretched out and purring in contentment where Ollie had been scratching him between the shoulder blades.

"Uh, Ollie, Dinah?" Clark said finally, "is there something you want to tell us?"

Suddenly, Diana laughed, breaking the tension suddenly, and soon joined not just by Hal, but both of their daemons as well.

"Great Hera, you two didn't think it was a secret, did you?"

daemonmuses Prompt 3

"Nothing wrong with a little shooting, as long as the right people get shot."
-Turk [Righteous Kill]
I'll never know how he knew. I've never even asked how he knew. All I cared about was that I was woken up in the middle of the night by a wet nose being pushed into my ear, and Tikki was keening on my pillow.

"They're in trouble," he kept saying, high and desperate and crying. "Oliver and Panya, Dinah, they're in trouble."

You have to understand the place I was in right then. Just after moving to Seattle I made a bad call and ended up in trouble of the worst kind. If it hadn't been for Ollie, I'd've died there. I wanted to die there. It's not a time I like to dwell on now, but I spent years dwelling on it afterwards. And it was in many ways the worst possible time for Ollie to go and get himself into the same kind of trouble.

There was a gang war brewing in Seattle at the time. Ollie cared about it. Tikki cared about it. I would have cared, but I had bigger things on my mind. I had him. And dammit - I was going to fight for him. Even if the only one who would give me any help at all was my polecat.

We're not known for using guns. None of us are. I think Bats' hatred of them infects us all at some point or other. They're too powerful, and it's a power you don't have to work for. You don't need years of sweat and discipline to learn to pull a trigger, and you don't have to earn that ability to kill. I have a weapon as powerful as any gun, but I didn't back then. Then, I only had my training and my determination and my love. I was all fired up to go after him with just those three, but Tikki was there to keep me grounded. Or rather, to bite me on the ear when he realised what I was doing.

"Are you crazy?" he squeaked. "We can't go in there unarmed. Not if we're all going to get out of there."

I'm not saying I didn't have a choice in the matter. I'm not excusing it, but I was tired of feeling helpless. When you're as used to being in control as I was, that feeling - it's like every moment is a betrayal of the woman you used to be, and if I let them do to Olli and Panya what they'd done to me and Tikki...

So yes, we took guns from the men standing guard. They didn't even know we were coming. I had two down within seconds, and Tikki had the other's daemon cowering in submission. It always surprises me how people are willing to underestimate the ability of a woman and her polecat.

So, yes, we had guns. And yes, we killed every single man and daemon inside that building -  I still remember what Tikki looked like with blood covering his mouth, I don't think I'll ever forget it, but I couldn't tell you what the daemons were he killed, because all I could see were the daemons of the men who hurt me.

 We took down all but one man, and one daemon. Panya was caged just as Tikki has been, Ollie strung up just like me. Tikki cut him down, I unlocked the cage. We didn't say it that day. We've never really said it out loud, but that day - Tikki and I saved each other - we rescued ourselves.

[Events taken from Green Arrow v2 Issue 32: The Canary is a Bird of Prey]

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